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To all our delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, thank you for joining us for IFBLS2012.  

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After a period of more than 40 years it is time for the German Association to host the IFBLS World Congress. On behalf of the Deutscher Verband Technischer Assistentinnen/ Assistenten in der Medizin e.V (dvta) - German Association of Biomedical Scientists – represented by the organizing committee it is a great pleasure and honor for us to invite you to The 30th World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science to be held in Berlin, Germany on 18th to 22nd August 2012.  Read more...

List of Topics

  • Molecular Diagnostics of Bacterial and Viral Infectious Diseases
  • Multiresistant Infectious Agents (MRE): Methodical Challenges for the Laboratory
  • Renaissance of "Declared Dead" Diseases?
  • Modern Diagnostics of Tropical Diseases
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Pros and Cons of "Rapid Test Systems" in Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases
  • Modern Diagnostic Markers of Sepsis
  • New Methods in Autoimmune Diagnostics
  • Actual Inflammation Markers
  • Transplantation Immunological Analytics